2709, 2011

079 Financial Excellence: Why Dave Ramsey’s Advice Doesn’t Make Sense


Episode 79: Why Dave Ramsey Doesn’t Make Sense: Sept. 27, 2011.
Dave Ramsey has a lot of critics in the financial world. Many of them criticise his methods because they don’t make mathematical or theoretical sense. But Dave isn’t trying to make mathematical sense. He teaches financial techniques that work from an emotional and Biblical standpoint.
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1101, 2011

Financial Success is More than Being Cheap or Frugal

Does Being Frugal Mean You’re Winning?
I meet a lot of people on the streets, at parties, and in networking events and the conversation always turns to “what do you do?” I’ve gotten pretty good at dodging the stereotypes of a financial adviser, insurance agent, or investment broker. I explain how as a coach I’m none of the aforementioned professions and I simply help people get better with their money through proven budgeting and debt elimination […]

610, 2010

028 Financial Excellence: Top 10 Lame Excuses for Poor Financial Results Continued


Living In Financial Excellence Episode 28: The top 10 lame excuses we make for the poor financial results in our lives continues as we count down excuses 5 through 1. Oct 6, 2010.

Today we finish our top 10 countdown discussing the lamest excuses we make for poor financial results in our lives. Too often we wake up at the end of our lives and wonder why we weren’t able to save enough for retirement […]