2302, 2012

Link Love: Giving Credit Where Credit is Due

Every couple of weeks we like to take a moment and thank all the other blogs and websites that have mentioned or promoted us or our posts. They’ve been kind enough to say something about us, so we’d like to return the favor so our readers can not only see who’s talking about us, but be exposed to some other awesome sites.

Living in Financial Excellence was included in five carnivals recently:

Yakezie Carnival hosted by 101 […]

109, 2011

Financial Link Love: 9/1/11

Well I swore I’d do better this time at sharing the links I like from around the web sooner but I blew it again. I might as well schedule this every two weeks instead of thinking I can get it done every week.

Anywho, here are the top posts I’ve read in the last week or so:

Derek at Lifeandmyfinances is giving away an iPad2! Derek also wrote a great post about paying off your house in […]

308, 2011

Financial Link Love: 7/30/11

Ok, I waited a little too long to get this one out, but I’m hoping you’ll cut me some slack since I was out of town the last two weekends in a row.
Financial Excellence Favorites
Here are some of the posts I liked from around the web:

JT shared some interesting data about some MBA students’ investing knowledge

Afford Anything wrote Should you Use Reason or Emotion? regarding methods for paying off debt.

Ashley detailed her First Craigslist experience […]

2107, 2011

Financial Link Love 7/21/11

Sharing the Love, one article at a time
It’s time for some more Link Love, where I share links to some great articles I’ve read recently, and thank those who have linked to my posts as well.
Here are some of the posts I like from around the blogosphere this week:
Tom at Canadian Personal Finance had a good post about How to Build an Emergency Fund

Financial Samurai had an interesting post on the role Zillow.com plays in […]