cash flow

2206, 2011

Your Profit & Loss Statement Doesn’t Mean Much

Financial Accounting vs. Cash Flow Management
When you look at your business financials, how do you know if you’re making a profit? Many small business owners use their profit & loss statements (P&L) as the only way to tell if they’re winning. It’s a natural thing to do. After all, the name of the report has profits in it, right? Well, the P&L report is an important tool for your business but it’s not the only […]

2209, 2010

026 Financial Excellence: Real Estate Investing & International Personal Finance


Living In Financial Excellence Episode 26: Real Estate Investing: Should I buy or sell Rental Real Estate Investments? Sept 22, 2010.

In today’s episode we answer some listener questions about real estate investing and whether it’s a good time to buy or sell rental real estate. We also had a listener from Canada ask about international personal finance techniques for living debt free.

Show notes:

– Upcoming events: Matt is speaking tonight to a Job Seekers Networking […]