car payments

2208, 2011

Winning With Money Part 4: Needs vs. Wants

This is the area that brings out the worst in us: the little three-year-old throwing a fit in the store because we want something, and we want it now! Think about this for a second. We lived for centuries without cable tv or smart phones. That means you won’t die if you give them up for a few months while you get out of debt.

1509, 2010

025 Financial Excellence: How Much to Spend on Budget Categories


Living In Financial Excellence Episode 25: How much to spend on food, housing, transportation, giving clothing, and much more, Sept 15, 2010.

In today’s episode we talk about recommended percentages for each category of your budget or spending plan. This is a question posed by one of our listeners looking for guidance on how much she should be spending on different areas of her budget. We cover each major category today and the general guidelines […]

2902, 2008

The Million Dollar Car? What your Car Loan is Costing You

What you need to know about your car loan.

You’ve heard it before. Car payments are a way of life. You’ll always have a car loan. You just can’t pay cash for a car. You should take advantage of low interest rates and finance your car. If you keep trading up, your car payment stays the same and you can keep driving a new car. But What is that car loan costing you?
Depending on the source, most reports list the […]