How to Set Up Small Business Finances

So you have an idea and you want to start a business. Sounds great, but now what? Where do you take your idea to get it going? You know you’re going to need an official business name and some business cards. Oh, and a logo. Maybe even some supplies to get started.
All that sounds simple […]

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5 Small Business Tips to Avoid Financial Mistakes

So you’ve decided to go into business for yourself. You’re very talented and you’re the best there is when it comes to your trade. But chances are you’ve got no idea how to operate the financial site of your business.

If that describes you, you’re not alone. Many business owners are great at performing the core […]

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069 Financial Excellence: Cash Flow Lessons Learned for Small Businesses


Episode 69: Cash Flow Basics for Small Businesses; Crap! I Got a Credit Card; Yakezie Challenge Update; July 19, 2011.
Today I intended to cover some lessons I learned about small business cash flow over the last few years. Before I got that far, though, I had to make a confession about an embarrassing new event […]

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