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Refusing to Conform: Why I’m Not Shopping on Black Friday

All across America, there are two groups of people gearing up for Black Friday. Those who can’t wait to check out the deals, and those who want nothing to do with it and are planning to stay home.
Group A: Black Friday Junkies
These are the people who live for finding deals. If it’s on sale, their […]

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086 Financial Excellence: Black Friday and Debt Free Living


Episode 86: Black Friday & Debt Free Living, plus Congressional Budgeting, Nov. 22, 2011.
Today I welcome financial coach Jon White to the show as we discuss politics, holidays, faith, and debt free living. Jon runs the blog JW’$ Financial Coaching and hosts two podcasts at
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033 Financial Excellence: Black Friday Doesn’t Have the Best Deals


Living In Financial Excellence Episode 33: Black Friday is not the best time to shop. Nov 10, 2010.

In episode 32 we talked about tricks retailers use to get us to spend more money. Black Friday falls into the same category. It’s really not the best time to shop and it’s not the best day […]

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