My lawnmower broke

About six years ago my lawnmower refused to start. I thought I would attempt repairing it myself to save a little money. I also thought I knew what I was doing. This was one of life’s hard lessons that taught me how much I really don’t know. The short story is I ended up destroying the lawnmower and had to buy a new one.

Six years later, we’re having problems with our new mower for the first time. The motor is running perfectly fine but it’s a front-wheel assist model with variable speed control. That’s the part that’s acting up. When the engine is off, the front wheels lock up. But when it’s running the wheels turn without any problems.

I didn’t have too much time to mess with it when this happened because I really needed to get the grass cut. So as long as I had it working I decided to disable the self propelled feature and push the mower the old fashioned way. With some brute force and determination I got the job done.

Actually it wasn’t really that bad. The mower normally pushes harder than a non-self-propelled mower but with the whole system disabled it wasn’t too bad at all. I’d say it pushed about like a regular mower, or maybe just a little bit harder but entirely doable.

Having said that, I’m not used to doing our lawn without the power assist so this was quite a physical adjustment for me. I huffed and puffed for a while but I could feel the workout in my arms, back and legs. That’s when I had a revelation. Instead of fixing the mower at whatever unknown cost, why don’t I just leave it the way it is and burn some calories at the same time? Genius. Ok, maybe not genius, but I certainly could use the workout.

So I’m not fixing the mower. I’m leaving it as is, not because I’m a tightwad, but because I need some exercise. I’m looking forward to losing a few pounds. I’ll let you know how it goes!