Ikea DIY Under $20 – Kitchen Organization

If you’re in search of extra storage space in the kitchen – on a budget and lacking ideas - taking a nice walk around your local Ikea store would be a wise place to start.

My kitchen is very small, there are 3 doors and 2 windows in it, making my wall space very limited. There is a small wall space between the bathroom door and the back door entrance. The wooden shelf came with the apt and it’s nice and high – it also doubles as a door stopper for the bathroom door and perfect for my plant, I have 2 cats who love chewing on houseplants so having the plants up there is a huge help.

DIY Ikea Kitchen Organization

DIY Ikea Kitchen Organization



Anyway, if you like this idea here’s how to do it:

DIY under $20:

Underneath the shelf I was able to fit two Bygel Rails from Ikea for 2.99 e/a, a pack Bygel hooks for .99 for a pack of 10, a Fintorp Cutlery Caddy for 6.99, and a Bygel wire Basket for 2.99 total came out to $16.95 plus tax. Get creative on what to display, you can use the rails in your bathroom, closets, office area, bedroom even to hold and organize anything you’d like.

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  3. I love my upper cabinets for storage. They are designed to lift up and stay open when I’m working and “close up shop” when I’m away. I mounted them 24″ above the 36″ counter height base cabinets (that’s 30″ above my drop down desk area, which is 30″ high) to leave plenty of wall space for racks and rails.

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