Shop from your pantry by Stock Piling

Stock Piling = More money in your money envelope!

Stock up on items that are at rock bottom prices –
when combined with a coupon they become super cheap and even free…
this way you will always have enough and you won’t ever have to pay full price.

1) Sales cycles are typically every 6 – 8 weeks.
When […]

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Coupon Organization & Lingo

Get Organized To Maximize Your Savings

What do we do with all those wonderful coupons after printing and cutting? Start out by either using envelopes or an accordion filer. Or you can put together a coupon binder for under $30. I know $30 sounds a bit expensive, but trust me… it will hold hundreds of dollars worth of coupons […]

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April Financial Literacy Month: April 4, 2012

Isaac Chaffee, Jr., partner and son of Brad Chaffee from Enemy Of Debt, shares his thoughts about kids and money. How should he pay for an iPhone? What does he like about being out of debt? Will he ever get into debt? These are the questions on everyone’s mind!

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Intro to Couponing… Get More For Less


Couponing takes time, it’s slow at first but don’t worry and don’t get overwhelmed by all the information, little by little it will sink in and you will be saving like a pro. The goal is to have a pretty large stockpile of coupons to use. Every week your favorite supermarkets, drug stores, dept stores, […]

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Hidden Treasures: An Easier Way to Restore Used Furniture

You’ve been there.

You’ve felt the excitement.

You are at a yard sale, an auction, or yes-even stopped by the side of the road to peruse a “free” pile-and you spot that amazing piece of furniture hiding under several coats of really ugly paint.

You can see that the lines of the piece are beautiful and the construction […]

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The Wow Factor: Getting the most bang for your buck

When you think about making a purchase, have you ever thought about rating it on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 barely moving the needle and 10 being a big, exciting WOW? Back in the 1990’s I came across The Tightwad Gazette by Amy Dacyczn and the revolutionary idea-to me-of actually planning your spending, living a frugal life, and the proposal noted above of a Wow Factor scale. She recommended testing all spending with this simple rule. Basically, you just need to determine how much wow you are getting for the money you are spending.

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Did I Really Save Money by Buying Cheap?

A few months ago I bought a wireless mouse and keyboard to relieve the stress on my neck and upper back from working on a laptop all day long. I wasn’t sure how well the whole thing would work with my setup, so I decided to buy the cheapest set I could find.

I most certainly […]

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Why 0% Interest Isn’t Free Money

No Interest Loans Still Cost You Plenty
It seems like every day I hear someone talking about how they got a great deal on something because they got 0% financing. 0% means it’s free money, right? Well, it sounds like it’s free if you’re used to thinking only in terms of interest rates.

But the truth is […]